Meet Victoria. Victoria’s got a lot of records.

For the better part of the last decade, Victoria Rawlins has been the one surreptitiously soundtracking your best L.A. nights. She was the one seamlessly cross-fading you through that party you hardly remember but can’t forget; the one who picked the song that gave you a reason to dance a little closer; the one who carefully curated a set full of your new favorite records.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Victoria’s spent a lifetime traveling the West in search of her aural treasure—clearing the dust off those gold deposits buried within junk store crates and record shop back-stock, and stockpiling the best bits for her arsenal. She cut her teeth spinning at a few of Hollywood’s darkest dive bars, briskly building a reputation as a forerunner of the city’s vinyl revival. She now commands a small empire of regular parties across Southern California.  And as one of the most in-demand vinyl selectors from L.A., she has traveled around the globe, laying down sets alongside a humbling list of world-class musicians* and fellow DJs.

Her sets are discerning but undiscriminating, defying time and space and genre — as long as it’s on vinyl and has a pulse, everything’s fair game. Victoria knows her stuff up and down; what’s more, she knows that what she knows isn’t really the point. It’s about atmosphere and it’s about ambiance. Maybe you’ll pick out the occasional pop as the needle skates over a scratch in the groove — trust that it isn’t an accident. This moment is tactile and tangible and ephemeral. It’s the reason Victoria’s here. It’s why we’re all here.